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Day trip in Reykjavik

· Iceland · Itineary
We arrived to Reykjavik early in the morning (around 5:00 or 6:00 AM) with a flight from Montreal.

After getting our car, we went directly to our hostel (Oddsson Hostel) in Reykjavik to drop our luggage. We were really glad to hear that our room was ready so we could rest a little bit before starting a 10 days camping trip. We decided to stay in a hostel (vs camping) for our first night since we also found it was a better way to discover the city. Also, we didn’t want to worry about how our camping gear would have survived the plane.

After a “quick” 4 hours nap (we were exhausted from the overnight flight), we went on foot to explore the city. One of the first striking thing we saw was the yellow and pink pig logo from their local grocery store. Amused by the logo, we went inside and were shocked to see that everything was so expensive. We still bought some Skyr and “Sukkuladimjolk” for a quick breakfast.

We walked around the “Sculpture & Shore Walk”, starting from the west, and went up to the city center where the city hall is situated. You can freely enter the city hall to look at the 3D map of Iceland with all it’s glaciers. We then spent some time going along the lake, situated just behind the city hall.

Very eager to try the famous “Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur”, we stopped by this food cart to try the local attraction. You can’t go wrong going to a place that literally translate to “The Town's Best Hot Dogs”.

After this healthy meal, we spent the afternoon on the Hverfisgata road, for some shopping before going camping. This road is quite famous for its colorful houses. Maude was looking for a beautiful turquoise house that she found online, which we sadly never found.

From there, you can go to the “Hallgrimskirkja”, the famous weird looking church of Reykjavik and grab an amazing coffee at “Reykjavik Roasters”. We instead went at both places coming back to the city after completing the ring road.

Getting back to the hostel, we passed by a ramen place (Ramen momo) where we ate an hour later. This place is really small and does not take reservations. We had a great time chatting with the owners while eating at the counter.

Before calling it a day, we hopped in our rental car and drove through a raining storm from HELL to get to the Blue Lagoon, where we had book tickets a couple of week in advance. The weather was not optimal (freezing hellish rain with scorching winds) but the heat and magic from this natural lagoon washed all that away.

After that busy day, we went to enjoy a good night of rest in our last real bed of the trip!

Location - Iceland