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Great places to eat in Iceland

· Iceland · Food
Eating out in Iceland can be quite expensive, so if you want to treat yourself, we have a couple of places all across Iceland that you may want to check out. Most of the ones we propose are great deals and won’t break your bank, but are worth the detour.
Yes, we start the list with one of the least "Icelandic" place you can find in Reykjavik, but here is why. Most of the ingredients they use are from Iceland, making them a one of a kind ramen flavor! And on top of that, they are the only ramen shop in Iceland as of 2018. Their menu is available on their website here.
This local phenomenon only serves hot dogs, the Icelandic style. Great for a lunch, this place always has a line of locals and tourists, so be prepared to wait a bit. Served with a sweet mustard, fried onions and the local “remolaði”, you haven’t tasted a hot dog like it before.
A bit west from Reykjavik, Von mathús is a great place to take a cocktail and experience a seasonal Icelandic cuisine. We went there early on a saturday and both the brunch and the Icelandic waffle with salmon were delicious.
Without doubt the best coffee shop in Reykjavik. They import their own beans from across the world and roast them on the site. They have three shops in Reykjavik so watch out for them is you need your daily dose of caffeine before starting your day! More details about them is available on their website.
Are you ready to eat the best lobster baguettes or fish and chips? This local place in Höfn serves fish and seafoods caught by boats in the harbour not 100m away. You can’t get any fresher that this! If you go around the ring road and stop in this small village to visit or get a Lopapeysa, make sure you stop by this place.
This hostel also contains a restaurant downstairs where they serve beer from microbreweries all over Iceland as well as great food. To grab a beer, this is the place in Akureyri.

Location - Iceland